real fake grape Gatorade

you like Gatorade? me too, but this is better. it tastes better, it’s cheaper and, unlike a lot of the Gatorade varieties out there, it doesn’t have brominated vegetable oil and stuff. (and then there’s all those empty plastic bottles to haul out to the curb every Thursday.)
it’s pretty simple:

1 can of juice concentrate
(I think grape is best but try orange, lemonade, fancy daiquiri, etc.)

1 tsp. salt

tap water

first, get your big pitcher and mix the juice concentrate with double the recommended amount of water: 6 cans instead of 3. now drop one teaspoon of salt in and mix it all up. the idea is to get a solution of electrolytes similar to that of your own physiology. this solution is pretty isotonic so it shouldn’t burst or wrinkle any of your membranes.

all this done, put it in the fridge to cool a while and then taste it. you can tweak the ratios a little if you find one kind of juice concentrate more or less sweet than others. and you can apply the same principles using lemon juice concentrate or to make an isotonic iced tea, etc. see, so easy. I even feel kind of ridiculous calling it a recipe: “dilute some juice and spoon some salt in.” enjoy.

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