The Chicken Wrap

For 2:
4 Tortillas
12 Frozen, pre-cooked chicken tenders
4 leafs o' lettuce
2 Roma tomatoes
Toppings can range from salad dressing to barbecue sauce

Warm chicken tenders. Assemble wraps as if you worked for a fast eatery cafe.

What I learned while making this recipe: Three things make this dish a good dinner: It has a satisfying mix of flavor, it's filling, and it's fast to make. Plus, I think you can buy something like unto it at McDonald's for a dollar, and make 4 at home for about the same price with better ingredients. At first I wasn't thinking the chicken tenders would be a good purchase, but once I got creative, I was able to come up with a meal containing all food groups. (Tortilla = grain, chicken = meat, cheese = dairy, tomato = fruit, vegetable = lettuce, dressing = oils/fats).

Recipe from the starting-to-think-of-semi-original-dishes Ashley

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